Scott Kuhl, CS, Seeking Student to Work on Industrial Robot Software

Industrial Robots

Scott Kuhl, associate professor of computer science, is looking to hire a student to work on software that will allow an existing industrial robot to be operated remotely. We expect that the major components of the project will involve writing software relating to scheduling, robot control, and video streaming.

This is a paid hourly project during the Spring semester, with a realistic opportunity to receive summer 2023 funding to work on the project. Applicants will be interviewed over break and begin work immediately at the start of the January 2023 semester. The position is part of a funded project with West Shore Community College which aims to make an existing commercial industrial robot operable remotely.

Project Description: Not all high school, community college, and university students have access to industrial robotics. For students to learn how to operate them, they can either use a simulator or they must have access to a physical robot. This project aims to outfit an existing robot with cameras and a remote control system so that it can be operated remotely, offering students a more realistic experience than simulation software but can also allow them access to a robot even if their institution does not have one. The goal of the project is to provide a new way for students/instructors without access to an industrial robot to learn about how to operate them.

If you are interested, please fill out this form.

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