Huskyworks Needs Students to Help Develop Their Technology

The Planetary Surface Technology Development Lab (PSTDL) or Huskyworks for short, needs students to help develop our technology for Lunar and Martian In-situ Resource Utilization. If you want to help us develop space technology, then read below: 

 1) Who We Are

The PSTDL is a research lab based out of Michigan Tech that was founded by Dr. Paul van Susante in 2019. We build cutting-edge solutions for planetary In-Situ Resource Utilization of the Moon, Mars, and beyond while supporting NASA’s Artemis missions with our state-of-the-art environmental testing facilities and engineering services. R&D is funded by grants from NASA and contracts from industry partners, grossing over 3 million dollars of funding in the last 3 years: our lab is growing fast. We need more talented student engineers and scientists to help us put our technology on the Moon.

[Website Link] [Linkedin Link][Lab News Link][Lab Vid Link]

2) General Information/Qualifications

  1. Must be a US Person (Green Card holder or US Citizen).
  2. Must be enrolled at Michigan Tech as grad or undergrad during contract period.
  3. Hourly pay rates: $17/hr undergrad, $20/hr grad.
    1. Instead of hourly pay, you may choose to enroll in a 4000-level project-oriented class and work on the mission for credit instead.
  4. 10 or 20 hours/ week during the semester
  5. Contract renewal on a semesterly-basis.
  6. Looking for people who are motivated to learn (and can prove it).
  7. Must be able to work as part of a team and independently.

3) How to Apply:

A) Start by applying online using your MTU email by [Application Form Link].

B) We will then go through 2 rounds of down-selection by reviewing your submitted material. If selected we will proceed with conducting an in-person interview between yourself and the lab staff. 

C) We aim to fill all hiring positions by September 22nd, at the latest.

D) Apply ASAP to secure limited interview time with the team.

Additional Questions

Direct additional related questions to one or more of the following individuals:

Travis Wavrunek (

Austen Goddu (

    Marcello Guadagno (

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