Cliff Drive Moving Permanently to One-Way Traffic

Beginning Wednesday, September 20, the speed limit on Cliff Drive will drop to 15 mph and the majority of the road will permanently become a one-way street. 

Between Parking Lots 1 and 10, Cliff Drive traffic will shift to flow in a single lane from west to east. Two-way traffic will continue in the areas immediately adjacent to Highway 41, providing access to Lot 1 on the west end of the street and Lot 10 on the east end. 

This permanent change will create approximately 70 parallel parking spaces on the south side of Cliff Drive. These metered spots (paid via ParkMobile – Zone 19027) are intended to reduce parking congestion in other areas of campus.  

While drivers are adjusting to the new speed limit and traffic flow, please be extra careful of pedestrians, of people exiting their vehicles from parallel parking spaces, and of vehicles entering and exiting the lots off of Cliff Drive.

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