Well-being Advocates at Michigan Tech

The Well-being Advocates at Michigan Tech work to elevate conversations about well-being and general health amongst the general MTU student body. The organization promotes this commitment by hosting various events like the monthly Health Hut or Featured Reads cart in the MTU library. These events address topics such as proper stress management, sleep, hygiene, physical activity, and mental health. The Center for Student Mental Health and Well-being enthusiastically supports the students and educational programming that the Well-being Advocates promote.

Students are encouraged to join the Well-being Advocates club! Students will especially enjoy the club if they are:

  • Passionate about well-being, health, and mental health topics.
  • Interested in elevating the health and well-being of a community.
  • Looking for opportunities to be indirectly involved with the Center for Student Mental Health and Well-being to work on prevention initiatives.
  • Want to promote health and well-being with a lesser time commitment.

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