Human-Computer Interface Usability Test Participants Needed

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The “Bluetooth Low-Energy Log Viewer” team in CS 4791/92 (Senior Software Engineering Project) is seeking participants for usability tests they will conduct in the spring 2024 semester. The class is instructed by Associate Professor Robert Pastel, Computer Science.

Their project is a web app for visualizing data that enhances the teaching potential of the “BBC micro:bit” educational micro-computer. It is being designed to complement a Bluetooth library written by a former MTU professor.

The human-computer interface being tested is visually oriented with a mix of symbols and English text on a handheld touchscreen or laptop monitor. The lab will provide all the necessary equipment for the usability tests. A test session lasts about 20-30 minutes, including a questionnaire/discussion section.

The first usability tests will take place during weeks 3 and 4 of the spring semester. The second round od tests will take place towards the end of the spring semester so that the final product reflects improvements based on feedback from the first usability test.

All students, faculty, and staff are invited to participate in the usability testing. Individuals can participate in one or both of the tests.

To participate in one or both of the usability tests, please contact students Jacob Smith ( or Josh Staples (

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  1. Exciting opportunity to be a part of the Bluetooth Low-Energy Log Viewer usability tests! As a CS enthusiast, I’m eager to contribute to the improvement of this web app designed for the BBC micro:bit. Kudos to the CS 4791/92 team for their innovative project, and I look forward to experiencing and providing feedback on the visually oriented interface. Let’s collaborate for a more user-friendly future in educational technology! #TechEnthusiast #UsabilityTesting

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