Computer and Information Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowships (CSGrad4US)

The Computer and Information Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship (CSGrad4US) is intended for individuals who have some practical work experience following their bachelor’s degree and are now interested in pursuing a research-based doctoral degree.

The goals of the CSGrad4US Fellowship are

1) to select, recognize, and financially support early-career individuals with the demonstrated potential to be high-achieving CISE researchers and innovators; and

2) to address the long-standing underrepresentation of many groups in computing relative to their participation in preK-12, postsecondary education, and the workforce (

The CSGrad4US Fellowships support graduate study leading to research-based doctoral degrees in CISE disciplines. They support individuals proposing plans for graduate education that take individual experiences, interests and competencies into consideration. A CSGrad4US Fellowship applicant’s plan describes the academic and industrial achievements, attributes, and experiences that illustrate their demonstrated potential for significant research achievements. A CSGrad4US Fellowship applicant must provide a profile of their relevant education and experience and a reference letter that demonstrates this potential.

CSGrad4US Fellowships are a part of an overall strategy by NSF’s CISE directorate to develop the national workforce necessary to ensure the Nation’s leadership in advancing CISE research and innovation.

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