Grad School Announces New Form Submission Rules

The Graduate School has announced a new method of accepting student forms. Here is what has changed:

  1. Effective January 3, 2024, the Graduate School will no longer accept forms via email.
  2. The Graduate School will no longer require signatures on the forms, although programs may still require signatures.
  3. Graduate students will complete their forms and submit them to their graduate program according to their direction.
  4. Program directors or assistants will upload approved forms to the Graduate School using the Graduate School’s new Form Submission process.

To coincide with this change, we have updated all Graduate Degree Services forms to be more serviceable and intuitive. Please note that forms must be completed in their compatible software; the Graduate School uses Adobe Acrobat or Reader for PDF forms and Microsoft Word for docx forms. Completing a form within a browser or using a third-party reader often results in your form appearing “blank” or breaking the form fields.

Once a form has been received and processed by the Graduate School, you will receive a confirmation email and your MyMichiganTech student checklist and degree completion timeline will be updated. If you do not see those within 7-10 business days of submitting a form to your program, please contact your program or the Graduate School for more information.

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