Volunteer for Mind Trekkers in Port Huron March 7-10

Calling all volunteers!

You’re invited to join the Michigan Tech Mind Trekkers as we travel to Port Huron, Michigan on March 7th – 10th for the SC4 STEM Fest! Volunteers will be leading Mind Trekker demonstrations – hands-on STEM demonstrations to allow middle school students to explore STEM at their own pace. No experience is necessary, just a willingness to learn and an enthusiasm for learning.

Never heard of Mind Trekkers before? Mind Trekkers is a nationally-acclaimed traveling STEM roadshow bringing high-energy, hands-on, STEM festivals to communities around the country. As a Mind Trekker, you’ll help guide participants through demonstrations that showcase the awe and power of science through experimentation. From being inside a bubble to skewering a balloon without popping it, to making ice cream with liquid nitrogen – Mind Trekkers serves to bring communities together to support an educational ecosystem and strong future workforce in STEM.

To sign up, email us at mindtrekkers@mtu.edu.

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