Month: January 2015

Welcoming Mark Rudnicki to new Biomaterials position

The School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science has another new face. Mark Rudnicki has joined our ranks as Professor of Practice, Forest Biomaterials. This position was created in order to coordinate efforts between Michigan Tech and the statewide biomaterials initiative as the Michigan Forest Biomaterials Initiative develops and grows.

Rudnicki comes to us with extensive teaching background and experience in extension and outreach. Mark will be leading our school’s effort to support the developing Michigan Forest Biomaterials Initiative, which, in Mark’s words is “an ambitious endeavor to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Michigan by moving purposefully toward a future that takes responsible yet full advantage of Michigan’s renewable resources”.

New Assistant Professor in Remote Sensing/GIS Spatial Analysis

Isabella Mariotto

Join us in welcoming Dr. Isabella Mariotto to the School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science.

Dr. Mariotto has filled the position of Assistant Professor in Remote Sensing/GIS Spatial Analysis. Mariotto’s areas of expertise include, remote sensing and GIS spatial analysis and modeling, hyperspectral remote sensing of vegetation, remote sensing of aboveground Carbon storage, biodiversity, food security, and evapotranspiration from Energy Balance models. Isabella has a Ph.D. in Ecology (Remote Sensing and GIS) from New Mexico State University and completed her postdoctoral scholarship with University of Arizona and the US Geological Survey.