February & March 2023 Photo Contest

Starting 2023, CFRES is holding a photo contest. These photos are from students (undergraduate or graduate). If you’re a student and you’d like to submit images, here are the following guidelines:

  • Any undergraduate or graduate student can submit a photo
  • Photos of students in class, in labs are welcome as well as other subjects
  • Photos should be taken during the month in which the contest is being run
  • Each student can submit no more than 5 photos per month
  • Photos taken within the Keweenaw region are preferred
  • By submitting your photos, you agree to allow CFRES to reproduce them (with attribution) in future web or print materials
  • Email Sarah Atkinson (sjbird@mtu.edu) up to three photos per student per month by the end of the month.

The winner for February was Ellie Rizk. The winning image can be seen below.

Light shining behind a tree covered in snow
Photo Credit: Ellie Rizk

The winner for March was Sam Kurkowski. The winning image can be seen below.

A man through a large chunk of ice at sunset
Photo Credit: Sam Kurkowski

Here are the other photos submitted in no particular order. Thanks to everyone who participated!