Day: November 2, 2022

Huskies Heading to COP27

A dozen Huskies have secured their badges — a golden ticket of sorts — to the 2022 United Nations climate change summit. Held November 6-18 in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, these Huskies will join more than 35,000 participants at the annual gathering known formally as the 27th Conference of the Parties United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC COP27), or more simply COP27.

Michigan Tech is teaming up with a higher education coalition. “We are part of a larger group, the Youth Environmental Alliance in Higher Education (YEAH). YEAH links multiple universities for engagement with COP,” Michigan Tech professor of chemistry Dr. Sarah Green, also a principal investigator of the Youth Environmental Alliance in Higher Education (YEAH) explained. “Our delegation will be very involved with the U.S. Center, which is where the U.S. government holds events to highlight what our country is contributing to the global effort to limit climate change,” said Green. “YEAH will host a youth panel there on Nov 10th and an exhibit, Voices and Visions, during the whole two weeks of the conference.”

What is it like in the Climate Change Summit Blue Zone? What are they learning? Which world leaders are they interacting with? What are they hearing and experiencing? Read all about Huskies at COP27 here.