Archives—May 2018

Vertanen receives Research Excellence Fund (REF) Seed Grant

Keith Vertanen (HCC) has received a Research Excellence Fund (REF) seed grant from Michigan Tech for his project entitled, “Automatic Speech Recognition using Deep Neural Networks”. This one-year project has a budget of $45,421. This project will create a state-of-the-art speech recognition engine based on deep neural networks. The recognizer will be used to investigate speech-based interactive systems for instrumented physical environments (e.g. cars) and person-centric devices (e.g. augmented reality smartglasses). The recognizer will also be used to investigate the input of Java source code by voice.

Zhenlin Wang Receives NSF REU Supplement

Zhenlin Wang (CS/SAS) has received an REU supplement of $15,876 to his NSF award entitled, “CSR:Small: Effective Sampling-Based Miss Ratio Curves: Theory and Practice”. The supplement will support two undergraduate students for one year, offering research experiences in cache modeling for modern multi-core processors and datacenter key-value stores.