Kuilin Zhang (CEE) will present “A Best-Case Rosenthal Equilibrium based Coordination Mechanism for N-person Online Routing Games of Connected and Automated Vehicles”

Kuilin ZhangMotivated by connected and automated vehicle technologies, this talk presents a best-case Rosenthal Equilibrium based coordinate mechanism for online automated routing decisions of connected and automated vehicles in a connected transportation network system.

Zhang is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Transportation Research Part E, as well as Transportation Research Board (TRB) standing committees of Transportation Network Modeling (ADB30) and Freight Transportation Planning and Logistics (AT015). Zhang’s research interests include data-driven optimization and control modeling of connected and automated vehicles, big data analytics of advanced traffic sensing data from mobile and crowdsourced sensors, interdependency and resiliency between smart grid and intelligent transportation systems, multimodal freight logistics and supply chain systems, traffic flow theory and large-scale traffic simulation, and dynamic transportation network equilibrium.