Developing Hands-on Cybersecurity Curriculum with Real-world Case Analysis

Researcher: Yu Cai, Associate Professor, College of Computing

Sponsor: National Security Agency

Amount of Support: $149,184

Duration of Support: 1 year

Abstract: Recent high-profile cyber breaches indicate that cyber attacks are becoming more common, sophisticated and damaging. People with cybersecurity skills are in great demand as the threat environment increasingly becomes more complex and challenging. The need to have well-trained and well-prepared cybersecurity workforce is a pressing issue. The goal of this project is to develop a hands-on cybersecurity curriculum with real-world case analysis. The proposed curriculum includes six cybersecurity related courses: 1. Cyber Ethics; 2. Cyber Security I; 3. Scripting for Automation and Security; 4. Wireless System Administration; 5. Cyber Security II; 6. Digital Forensics. This curriculum is designed for CS and IT students who are interested in cybersecurity.