Don’t be tricked by gift card scammers

Michigan Tech and other universities have seen an increase in gift card scams. These scams have become more and more common on campus.

What the scam sequence might look like:

  1. You receive a message that appears to be from a coworker or associate.
  2. The message asks if you are available to do something for the sender.
  3. By replying, you will likely receive a second message.
  4. This one will claim that the sender is busy and can only be contacted by email.
  5. The sender (scammer) will ask you to do something for them. (This often includes purchasing gift cards or initiating a wire transfer for the scammer).

As with phishing, you are your best advocate; be diligent and protect yourself. Make sure to look at the sender’s email address. If it seems suspicious, it probably is. When in doubt, reach out to Michigan Tech IT.

We can help. If you have any questions, contact us at or call 7-1111.