The Student Scoop- July 21, 2021

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We’ve only got TWO summer programs left, be sure to attend one of them before the school year starts!

Camp K-Day Registration is Open

It’s that time of year again, K-Day registration time!! K-Day Registration is still open, so reserve your spot now! Space and resources are limited, so do not delay!  This year’s theme will have you wanting s’more at Camp K-Day!  Organizations can get creative with this summer camp-themed student organization fair!
K-Day, or Keweenaw Day, is an annual tradition that will be held on Friday, September 10 beginning at noon. Students head to Chassell Centennial Park for an afternoon of food, fun, and music – it’s like a week of summer camp all in one afternoon!  K-day typically sees 3000-4000 students so this is an important recruitment opportunity for your organization.  Please have your organization’s event finalized before registering HERE.  
Keep in mind, the person you list as the primary contact for your organization’s registration will be the one receiving all communications.  They will need to keep an eye out for emails during the summer in case of any changes that are made to K-Day due to any updates we may need to make in regards to our campus Healthy and Safety Levels. 
Questions about K-Day can be directed to Rochelle Spencer at

Magical Celebration

Join us as we celebrate Harry Potter’s birthday by making your own wand, testing your magical knowledge, and relaxing with a cold butterbeer!  Whether you are studying for your O.W.L.s or N.E.W.T.s or are waiting for your Hogwarts letter, there is enough magic to go around!  Come learn a spell or spruce up your prefect badge.

We will be in the MUB Commons from 1 – 3 PM on Friday, July 30 (the day before Harry Potter’s birthday)! Witches, Wizards, Squibs, and Muggles welcome!  

** Even if you have never read (or watched) Harry Potter, please come join in the fun!!

Help Create the 2021 Parade of Nations’ Scavenger Hunt

Does your organization want to help take the community on a Parade of Nations scavenger hunt?  Do you want to spread the word about your country, your culture, your heritage, your traditions, your place in the community, or other interesting information?  Help celebrate our multicultural heritage by signing up to be a “Hide Team” for the 2021 Parade of Nations. The registration form and guidelines for the clues can be found on the Parade of Nations’ website    

“Hide Teams” will create clues about a particular country, cultural heritage, or local organization that will be hidden around the community.  On September 7, the Parade of Nations committee will notify the “Hunt Teams” that have signed up to play that the Scavenger Hunt has begun and will give those teams the first clues.  The clues will then be posted later in the day on the Parade of Nations’ website for anyone in the community who would like to participate.

The scavenger hunt will run through Friday, September 17.  “Hunt Teams” must turn in answers by midnight that day.  Prizes will be awarded at the end of the Parade on Saturday, September 18.  Clues will be left up until October 1 for those who still wish to complete the Scavenger Hunt.

The deadline for Hide Teams to submit their clues and hiding places is Monday, August 23. 

Questions or comments about the Parade of Nations scavenger hunt can be emailed to

Husky Hobbies

Fresh and delicious wild berries are a staple of living in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula! Blueberries and thimbleberries will be in season and ready to pick from this week through mid-August. Follow along on this week’s Husky Hobbies Express with the Center for Student Mental Health and Well-Being to learn about some great spots to find berries and get out and explore! Whether you plan to have a yummy snack or make some delicious recipes with them, fresh berries are always the best!

Volunteers for The Salvation Army are needed

The Salvation Army is asking for students to volunteer an hour of their time to help bag up donations for the Calumet Fire Victims. Any day of the week at any time, they just need your help. Those interested in volunteering, please contact Pete at 906-362-9120

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