Casey Huckins Receives Funding

Associate Professor Casey Huckins (Biological Sciences/ESC) has received $46,000 from the Houghton Keweenaw Conservation District for a 30-month project, “Hills Creek Stamp Sand Stabilization Project.”

Previously, Associate Professor Casey Huckins (Biological Sciences) and Co-PI Amy Marcarelli (Biological Sciences) have received $11,620 from the Huron Mountain Wildlife Foundation for a project, “Linkages Among Stream Habitat, Ecosystem Conditions, and Temporal and Spatial Variation in Fluvial Fish Assemblages in the Salmon Trout River.”

Amy Marcarelli Receives Funding

Assistant Professor Amy Marcarelli (Biological Sciences) has received $55,612 from Shoshone-Bannock Tribes for a two-year project, “Nutrient Limitation, Autotrophic Response, and River Metabolism Responses to Salmon Nutrient Enrichment Treatments in the Salmon River Subbasin.”

Catherine Tarasoff Chosen for Women Emerging Biological Sciences Symposium

Dr. Catherine Tarasoff has been chosen for Women Emerging Biological Sciences Symposium, WEBS (Women Evolving Biological Sciences), an annual three-day symposium aimed at addressing the retention of female scientists and issues related to the transition of women from early career stages to tenure track positions and leadership roles in academic and research settings. Please see the website: