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IT to eliminate most monthly Telcom bills

The Executive Team and the IT Governance Committee have approved a proposal to eliminate most monthly bills for network and voice services, beginning July 1, 2015.

The chargeback billing model is an antiquated system that most universities have abandoned. It was appropriate during the 1990’s, due to explosive growth of network connections and the internet, but has long since outlived its usefulness.

To recover the necessary revenue, most departments will have their general fund budgets reduced by the amount that they paid in Telcom charges in Fiscal Year 2014. Some Auxiliary and Research units will continue to be billed, but not on a per-jack or per-phone basis.

New network connections will be allowed, with only a nominal $50 activation fee, plus any needed parts or student labor costs if a jack requires an upgrade.

New phone lines will be allowed, but the department will pay the actual cost of the telephones, along with the nominal activation fee and any necessary parts or student labor if the jack requires an upgrade.

There will be no recurring monthly fees for any network connections or telephones. IT will continue to charge monthly fees for Cable TV and security cameras.

The proposal, which contains all the details, is available at http://www.it.mtu.edu/OIT/documents/telcom_funding_approved.pdf.

Contact CIO Walt Milligan at milligan@mtu.edu for further information.

July 2014 Wireless Service Improvements

IT is making changes to the campus wireless network including: the Bradford Persistent agent is going away, MichiganTechSecure is going away, and the wireless bandwidth cap is being removed.

Based on specific campus wireless issues, IT is making the following service improvements, effective Monday, July 21 at 6:00am.

Specific Changes:

  • Wireless security will be through a “dissolvable” agent instead of requiring the Bradford persistent agent. Users with Windows and Mac laptops had previously been required to download and install the Bradford Agent software. Beginning Monday, IT will use a “dissolvable” agent, which will run once but not permanently install on your device. Since the Bradford Persistent Agent will no longer be needed, you will be able to permanently uninstall the Bradford client from your device. Uninstall instructions are located at: http://www.it.mtu.edu/bradford-agent/.
  • The MichiganTechSecure wireless network will be decommissioned. This network was never intended for use beyond a few machines and has caused issues with disconnecting hosts. Users should instead connect to the MichiganTech wireless network for a more reliable experience; this network is no less secure than the MichiganTechSecure network.
  • The bandwidth cap on wireless access has been removed. Last year, wireless usage was limited to 5 Mbps (Megabits per second) per device; this was updated to 15 Mbps in April. Beginning Monday, the cap will be removed completely. This does not mean unlimited data on wireless – as wireless capacity depends on your distance from an access point and its current traffic – but we will continue to monitor the wireless service and appreciate your feedback if you have any issues.

Which actions are required?

  • When connecting to the wireless network, please use MichiganTech instead of MichiganTechSecure.
  • Remove the Bradford Agent from your machine (if applicable) using the instructions located at http://www.it.mtu.edu/bradford-agent/.

These changes are planned to improve wireless service and stability. As always, if you have concerns or issues please let us know by contacting IT Help at 906-487-1111 or it-help@mtu.edu. If you need assistance joining your device to the MichiganTech wireless network, you can also stop by with your device at the IT and Library Service Center.

Wireless Network Change

The “MichiganTechSecure” wireless network will be going away soon.  This network was originally intended for a limited number of machines and not for general availability. When this change is made, users will need to make sure they are joined to the “MichiganTech” wireless network instead of “MichiganTechSecure.”

There is no need for concern; the “MichiganTech” wireless network is as secure as the “MichiganTechSecure” wireless network.

If you experience any issues or have any questions, please contact IT Help at it-help@mtu.edu or 906-487-1111.

Campus Home Directory Upgrade Scheduled over Thanksgiving Holiday


November 29, 2013, 3:00PM – The campus home directories upgrade is now complete. Computers are now available for use. If you have any questions or problems, please contact IT at it-help@mtu.edu or 906-487-1111. Thank you for your cooperation and patience.


Michigan Tech IT will be upgrading campus home directories over the Thanksgiving Holiday break. The outage period for these upgrades is scheduled for Thursday November 28th , 7:00PM through Sunday December 1st, 11:00PM.

This upgrade will enhance the performance of campus home directories and increase the flexibility of research data storage. During the upgrade, any computer that requires a Michigan Tech ISO username and password will not be available for use. This includes, but is not limited to: campus labs, Library computers, office computers, and classroom podium computers. In addition to campus home directories, the Multidrive (or M drive) will also be unavailable during the upgrade.

Please make sure you have saved your work and are logged out of your Michigan Tech ISO account prior to the upgrade start time (November, 28, 2013 at 7:00PM).

Throughout the upgrade process, IT will post updates here on the blog and on the IT status page at: http://status.it.mtu.edu.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please call the User Services help desk at (906) 487-1111 or email it-help@mtu.edu for assistance.

High Speed Networking at the Ford Forestry Center

Thanks to a cooperative effort between Information Technology, the School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science, and Baraga Telephone Company, users of the Ford Forestry Center in Alberta are now enjoying a 1Gbps fiber connection to the main campus and the Internet. This is a vast improvement over the antiquated 384kbps DSL system that had been providing the only Internet connectivity for the remote facility.

In addition to several miles of fiber that were installed between L’anse and Alberta, six of the buildings are interconnected via fiber, and Michigan Tech wireless service has been installed in four buildings, including the residence hall, Classroom One, the computer lab, and the main office. Users in Alberta can now enjoy access to all campus network resources in the same way they do while on the main campus in Houghton.