Month: December 2014

Guiliang Tang awarded Century II Campaign Endowed Equipment Fund award

C2E2 Fund Awards Announced

Vice President for Research David Reed has awarded the following Century II Campaign Endowed Equipment Fund (C2E2) awards at the recommendation of the C2E2 Committee.

  • Andrew Galerneau (Chem): infrared spectrometer with absolute total reflectance accessory
  • Evan Kane (SFRES): underwater fore optic equipment
  • Sunil Mehendale (SoT): extractive continuous gas analyzer
  • Thomas Oommen, Jason Gulley and Jeremy Shannon (GMES): ground penetrating radar 100 MHz PulseEKKO PRO
  • Jonathan Riehl and Norma Veurink (EF): 31 IRobot educational programmable platforms
  • Guiliang Tang (Bio Sci): 2100 Electrophoresis Bioanalyzer

The vice president for research would like to thank the review committee members for their participation in this internal award process.

For additional information on the C2E2 opportunity, visit Research Awards.

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