Huckins promoted; Marcarelli promoted with tenure

Board Promotes Faculty Members

Tech Today

At its regular meeting on Friday, the Board of Control promoted 11 associate professors with tenure to professor with tenure. They are Casey Huckins, (Bio Sci); Adrienne Minerick, (ChE); Shiyue Fang, (Chem); Brian Barkdoll, (CEE); Soner Onder and Zhenlin Wang, (CS); M. Ann Brady,(HU); Peter Moran, (MSE); Will Cantrell, (Physics); John Vucetich, (SFRES); and John Irwin, (SoT).

The Board also promoted 18 assistant professors to associate professor with tenure and one associate professor without tenure to associate professor with tenure. They are Amy Marcarelli,(Bio Sci); Caryn Heldt, (ChE); Ashutosh Tiwari, (Chem); Shane Mueller, (CLS); Scott Kuhl, (CS); Zhuo Feng, (ECE); Thomas Oommen, (GMES); Sue Collins, (HU); Ossama Abdelkhalik, Chang Kyoung Choi and Mohammad Rastgaar Aagaah, (MEEM); Andre Laplume, Junhong Min and Manish Srivastava, (SBE); Joseph Bump, (SFRES); Jinshan Tang, (SoT); Adam Wellstead and Richelle Winkler, (SS); and Joel Neves, (VPA).