2024 Alumni Award Recipient – Danna Kasom

The Office of Alumni Engagement has announced the recipients being honored with the 2024 Alumni Awards. Amongst the award recipients is Biological Sciences’ alumni, Danna Kasom. Kasom has earned the 2024 Humanitarian Alumni Award, which recognizes volunteer leadership or service that has enriched or improved the lives of others and the welfare of humanity, and whose accomplishments bring honor to their Alma Mater.

Danna Kasom
Danna Kasom

Danna graduated from Michigan Tech’s Biological Sciences program, magna cum laude, in 2014 and now holds a position as a health science specialist at the Department of Veteran Affairs. Before her current position, Kasom had a variety of job experiences, including coaching youth soccer teams for nonprofit organizations, Detroit PAL and DC Scores, writing articles for Girls Soccer Network, and serving on the Detroit Lions Volunteer Energy Team. Danna has served in the Peace Corps and AmeriCorps, where she found a passion for identifying patterns across several human experiences.

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These extraordinary alumni will be honored at the 2024 Alumni Awards Ceremony, which will take place during Reunion Weekend on Aug. 2.

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