Day: April 17, 2012

Family Engineering Featured

Michigan Tech’s Family Engineering program is mentioned in the April newsletter of the Society of Women Engineers.

Developed by Michigan Tech’s Neil Hutzler and Joan Chadde, the Foundation for Family Science & Engineering and the American Society for Engineering Education with a $1.6 million grant from the National Science Foundation, Family Engineering is growing into a nationwide initiative. Family Engineering: An Activity & Event Planning Guide, published in June 2011, is prompting Family Engineering events across the country.

To read the story, see SWE:Engaging Families in Engineering.

Civil Engineering Graduate Seminar April 19th

Civil Engineering Graduate Seminar April 19th:
Time: 4-5pm, Thursday (April 19)
location: Dow 642
Public welcome

Seminar title: Material Matters
by Jerry Anzalone, Lab Supervisor/Research Scientist I, PhD candidate
Dr. Larry Sutter, advisor

Abstract provided by speaker:

Jerry manages the Nonvolotile, nonconductive phase characterization
facility on M&M’s seventh floor. The position allows him to engage
in a number of research activities from several disciplines.

Jerry will be discussing a few of the projects he has taken part in as
well as investigations of the effect potassium acetate deicer has on
alkali-silica reactivity, the subject of his doctoral research. Other
discussion topics include ASR mitigation; new and old methods for
determining air void parameters in hardened concrete; recent aggregate
polishing research; development of open source technologies; relevant
extracurricular activity, all the while giving an overview of the ample
capabilities of the materials characterization facility.