2nd Annual Research Forum on Wednesday

The 2nd Annual Research Forum for Graduate and Undergraduate Students for the Department of Chemical Engineering was held on Wednesday, January 22, 2014.

View a selection of videos from the 2014 Chemical Engineering Research Forum

See photos from the 2014 Annual Research Forum for Graduate and Undergraduate Students for the Department of Chemical Engineering

The research forum agenda consisted of Oral Presentations in the morning followed by a luncheon and then Poster Presentations in the afternoon at the MUB Ballroom.

Judges for the Oral Presentations
Richard Donovan – Senior Research Engineer (Chemical Engineering)
Jay Meldrum – Director (Keweenaw Research Center)
Caryn Heldt – Assistant Professor (Chemical Engineering)
Debra Charlesworth – Assistant to the Dean (Graduate School)


Oral Presentation 1st Place - $500 Maria Tafur
Oral Presentation 1st Place - $500 Maria Tafur presented by Jay Meldrum
2nd Place - $250 David Chadderdon
2nd Place - $250 David Chadderdon
3rd Place - $100 Jordan Klinger
3rd Place - $100 Jordan Klinger
Poster Presentation 1st Place - Jeana Dillon Graduate
Poster Presentation 1st Place - Jeana Dillon Graduate
Poster Presentation 1st Place - Matthew Manning Undergraduate
Poster Presentation 1st Place - Matthew Manning Undergraduate

A special thank you to our judges, and all volunteers and participants of this event.

Final Results will also be on this Research Forum webpage

Oral Presentations

1. Mathkar Alharthi – Dynamics and Control of Reactive Distillation for the Production of Diphenyl Carbonate
2. Yang Zhang – Novel Model for Simultaneous Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Cellulose and Hemicelluloses Considering Morphologies
3. Nasrin Salehi – Lentivirus tagged with CD47 self-marker proteins for gene therapy
4. Jordan Klinger – Temperature Dependence of Aspen Torrefaction Reaction Kinetics
5. Danielle Klimek – Determination and Modeling of Tensile and Nanoindentation Modulus for Graphene/Epoxy Composites
6. Maria Tafur – Virus purification using osmolyte flocculation
7. David Chadderdon – Electrocatalytic oxidation of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural to 2,5- furandicarboxalic acid on carbon supported Au and Pd alloyed nanoparticles
8. Ran An – Alternating Current Faradaic Reactions above the Electrode Charging Frequency in Spatially Non-Uniform Electric Fields

Graduate Poster Presentations

1. Chungja Yang – Size, Shell Material and Medium Conductivity Dependence on Dielectrophoretic Behaviors of Perfluorooctyl Bromide Oil Core, Chitosan/Poly-L-Lysine Shell Nanoparticles: Experimental Results
2. Jeana Dillon – Comparison of simulations and experimental water-in-oil droplet formation in a microfluidic T-junction
3. Alicia Sawdon – Alginate-based nanvectors towards suicide gene therapy
4. Maryam Khaksari – Determination and Quantification of Water-Soluble and Fat-Soluble Vitamins in Human Biofluids with HPLC/MS
5. Tayloria Adams – Dielectrophoretic Response Quantification of ELP-PEI Modified Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells
6. Hwi Yong Lee – Electrochemical Hematocrit Measurement in a Microfluidic Device
7. K. Saagar Vijayaragavan – Purification of a non-enveloped virus using an aqueous two phase system
8. Ethan Weydemeyer – A Direct Method of Hydroxyl Group Functionalization and Size Reduction of Carbon Nanoubes Using Hydrogen Peroxide
9. Zhichao Wang – A Novel Surface Enabled Graphene Lab-on-a-Chip Protein Sensor
10. Bethany Klemetsrud – Enhanced Pyrolysis Oil Properties through Pretreatment of Aspen with Controlled Torrefaction
11. Olumide Winjobi – Techno-Economic Analyses of Fast Pyrolysis for Bio-fuel Production from Wood
12. Neeva Benipal – Au, Pd mono and bimetallic nanoparticles supported on carbon nanotube as anode catalysts for electrocatalytic selective oxidation of glycerol to tartronate in anion exchange membrane fuel cell with electricity cogeneration …
13. Le Xin – Potential controlled selective oxidation of glycerol on Au nanoparticle catalyst in continuous electrocatalytic membrane reactor
14. Joseph Halt – New binders for iron ore pelletization
15. Jacob E.D. McDonald – A Comparative Study of Starches with Varying Solubilities as Supplemental Iron Ore Binders
16. Rui Shi – Life Cycle Assessments of Algal Biofuels: Extensions Beyond Traditional Algal Fuels Framework
17. Jiqing Fan – Modeling of direct land use change of biofuels and bioenergy produced from aspen in Michigan forests
18. Yang Qiu – Investigation of non-precious metal electrocatalysts for the oxygen reduction reactions in high pH environment
19. Howard Haselhuhn – Dispersant Adsorption and Effects on Settling Behavior of Iron Ore
20. Hrishikesh Vilas Shinde – Novel Approach to Concentrate Fine Gold Particles for Analytical Sampling
21. Suchada Ukaew – Regional Variations in N2O Emissions From Rotation Cropping of Rapeseed with Wheat

Undergraduate Poster Presentations

23. Dylan Gregory Turpeinen – Mechanical Properties of Graphene Nanoplatelet/Epoxy Composites Determined by Nanoindentation
24. Alex Hanley – An Automated Laboratory Pelletizer for Iron Ore
25. Matthew Manning – Design of a Laboratory Scale Deslime Thickener
26. Kelsey Maijala – Resistivity of Tears as Concentration Marker in Human Tear Analysis
27. Katherine Massa – Calibration of Fluorescent Ion Indicators for Use Discerning Ion Gradients in Microdevices
28. Michael J. Grillo and Michael J. D’Angelo – Novel Graphene Paper Sensor: Robustness of Protein Detection
29. Alexander Bank – Translating research and technology development to hands-on outreach

See photos from the 2014 Annual Research Forum for Graduate and Undergraduate Students for the Department of Chemical Engineering