Day: August 3, 2015

Gold Nanorod-based Theranostics for Specific Cancer Imaging and Therapy

Jianheng Bi
Original Research Proposal
Michigan Technological University
Department of Chemistry
Advisor- Dr. Haiying Liu
Tuesday August 4, 2015
9:00 am
Chem-Sci 101

This proposal describes the preparation, characterization and application of gold nanorod-based theranostics for specific cancer imaging and therapy. Cancer theranostics will be constructed by modifying the gold nanorods with near-infrared dyes and cancer-imaging peptides via silica layers and poly(ethylene glycol) tethered spacers. The thickness of the silica layers will be carefully controlled to significantly enhance the fluorescence intensity of near-infrared dyes via a surface plasma of gold nanrods while specific targeting and imaging will be achieved through strong specific multivalent interactions of cancer-homing peptide residues with cancer cells and tissues. Once specific targeting to cancer cells or tissues are achieved, thermotherapy and photodynamic therapy will be conducted to kill cancer cells and tissues via thermal heat from gold nanorods and singlet oxygen generated by photodynamic agent under near-infrared pulse laser.