CS Dept. Lab Assistant Positions

The CS Department is hiring CS1121/CS1122 Lab Assistants for Spring semester 2022.

CS Lab Assistant:
Lab Assistants work at least one regularly scheduled 2-hour lab. During these labs, Assistants help the lab instructor facilitate lab activities. Lab Assistants answer student questions concerning lab assignments and guide students toward solutions using a Socratic Method.

Available Shifts: We are hiring for the following shifts. You may apply for more than one shift.    • Tuesday 7pm – 9pm CS 1121 L01    • Wednesday 9am – 11am CS 1121 L02
    • Wednesday 10am – 12pm CS 1122 L02
    • Wednesday 12pm – 2pm CS 1122 L03
    • Wednesday 2pm – 4pm CS 1122 L04
    • Thursday 11am – 1pm CS 1122 L05

Minimum Requirements:
Potential Candidates must be UNDERGRADUATES who have completed CS1121/ CS1122 or CS1131, CS1142, CS 2311, and CS2321 and received at least a B in all of them to qualify.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities (other duties may be assigned):
1. Adhere to scheduled work hours.
2. Interact with students in a pleasant and congenial manner.
3. Help students LEARN to program. Show students how to debug their code.
Show students how to find out what they need to know to write good code.
4. Communicate with Lab Instructors to understand what is expected of students
working on particular assignments.
5. Strive to lead students to solutions that are appropriate for their courses.
6. Provide mini-lectures, as needed, on difficult concepts.
7. Document approaches to solving or debugging difficult concepts/problems.
8. Participate in team meetings and University Learning Center training.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and/or Abilities:
1. Good people skills and a desire to help students.
2. Demonstrated ability to program in Java.
3. Demonstrated ability to work with little supervision and as a team.

Applicants must submit the following items to Dr. Ureel at ureel+labs@mtu.edu
1. Indicate the desired shift (See above.) 2. Resume
3. Transcripts (unofficial transcripts are acceptable)
4. Answers to the following questions:
    • Why do you want to take this position?
    • What are the skills that make you suitable for this position?

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