EET 5147/4147: Industrial Robotic Vision Systems, Summer 2022 Intensive Robotics Course

EET 5147/4147: Industrial Robotic Vision Systems; Summer 2022, two weeks, August 1 to August 12.

Upon successful completion you’ll receive:

  • Four semester credits in 2 weeks
  • An industrial certificate from FANUC Robotics Inc.
  • This is a required course for Mechatronics majors

What you will learn:

  • Concepts of Robotic Vision Systems.
  • Design and Configuration of Robotic Vison Systems.
  • Comprehend optical principles of reflection, refraction, diffraction and interference.
  • Learn and apply Robotic Vision via Industry-standard ROBOGUIDE robotic simulation software.
  • Hands-on experience programming and configuring iR-Vision 2D systems for industrial FANUC robots
  • Learn to optimize robotics automation using vision systems.

Download an info sheet below.

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