College of Computing Seeking Summer Youth Program Leaders

The College of Computing is accepting applications for multiple Summer Youth Programs (SYP) leader positions.

SYP leaders play a critical role on the SYP team, co-planning, delivering content, and creating after-action summary reports. The leaders are a critical link between pre-college students and Michigan Tech, with a focus on previewing college life and academic success.

The position starts around June 12, 2023, and ends around July 24, 2023.

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Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Preparation and planning
    1. Work with faculty mentors to create programs from an outline
    2. Identify and collect necessary resources and supplies
    3. Build a website to share program outlines with prospective SYP participants
    4. Create detailed lesson plans for three different SYP classes, each for one week of instruction for middle and high school students
  2. Implementation –
    1. Provide active, hands-on instruction for SYP programs
  3. Summarize each week in an after-action report that addresses
    1. Overview of the program
    2. Successes
    3. Suggestions for improvement
    4. Problems encountered
    5. Detailed list of supplies needed for next delivery session
  4. Organize and store all materials used during SYP
  5. Other duties may be assigned

Required Education

College-level coursework after high school, and at least two semesters at Michigan Tech.  Coursework should be in the College of Computing or similar.

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