AI Futures 3-minute Video Challenge

The AI Futures team has launched a 3-minute video challenge. Students from any college are invited to submit a 3-minute video on any of the AI topics listed below. Videos can be submitted for more than one category. See the full guidelines in the pdf file below. One winner will be chosen for each category. Cash prize! The video challenge closes on November 10, 2023.

The 3-minute video can be as simple or as creative as you want. The judges are looking at the content; the rest of it is up to the students. 

  • Step 1: create the video
  • Step 2: upload to YouTube
  • Step 3: complete this submission form

The topics you can select follow:

  • Concept of natural language processing
  • Types of AI solution
  • Concept of LLMs
  • Types of AI applications
  • Data structure
  • Ontologies and how they relate to AI
  • RPA tools
  • Role of cloud and data in AI
  • Responsible AI
  • AI wildcard – pick your own

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