CCLC Code Golf Competition Results

The results of the CCLC Code Golf Competition appear below.

Best Underclassmen: Nate Pongtankul
Best Upperclassmen: Devin Farmer
Best C: Evan Jacobson

Best C++: Mark McArdle, 1st year computer science major
Best Java: Mark McArdle 
Best Python: Nate Pongtankul 
Best Game of Life: Paul Badour, 2nd year computer science major

2 responses to “CCLC Code Golf Competition Results

  1. Hey Karen,

    Great coverage of the CCLC Code Golf Competition results! Huge congrats to Nate Pongtankul, Devin Farmer, Evan Jacobson, Mark McArdle, and Paul Badour for their outstanding achievements in various categories.

    By the way, if any of the winners are into golf, they might want to check out for some excellent recommendations on golf equipment. It’s a handy resource for golf enthusiasts looking to elevate their game.

    Keep up the fantastic reporting, and looking forward to more exciting updates!


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