Undergraduate Research Opportunity: AI-based Tutoring

The Breaking Digital Barriers Research Group is seeking four paid undergraduate student researchers, to work on a project related to developing AI-based tutoring systems to help older adults keep up with digital technology. We encourage students from Computer Science, Applied Computing, Cognitive & Learning Sciences, Humanities, and other departments to support our team.

Each student will work in one of the following four focus areas:

  • Data scrubbing: Scrubbing and analyzing questions from online forums that offer computer support; building a data set of real questions for use in training LLM.
  • Human-AI interaction: conduct literature reviews, conduct preliminary studies to examine the implications of different styles of response on human trust in AI-facilitated help sessions.
  • Learning from tutors: learn the BASIC tutoring model, code session notes, literature review, conduct interviews/studies
  • Asking effective questions: literature review, analyzing/coding questions that learners ask about technology.

To apply, please fill out the following short interest form. For full consideration, please complete the form by no later than January 17.

Pay Rate: $15/hour

Time Requirement: 5 hours per week throughout the spring semesterFor further information, please contact Dr. Charles Wallace (wallace@mtu.edu).

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