Michigan Tech No. 15 in Return on Investment

Michigan Tech is No. 15 on Stacker’s list of four-year public colleges with the best return on investment.

Stacker looked at the public colleges with the best return on investment, highlighting information like graduation rates, net price, and median debt. This story only considers four-year, public colleges that predominantly grant bachelor’s degrees.

Here’s a breakdown of some key factors in the researchers’ calculations.

  • 40-year NPV: What the sum of all earnings 40 years after enrollment is worth today, adjusted for the school’s education cost.
  • Median earnings after 10 years: The typical annual salary 10 years after enrollment.
  • Net price: The average price students pay per year after scholarships and financial aid, including books and living expenses.
  • Graduation rate: The share of students who complete bachelor’s degrees within six years.
  • Median debt: The typical amount of student debt graduates from this school hold.