MTU RedTeam Players Rank in Top 100 in Fall NCL Competition

(Left to right) Dev Sanghani, Ryan Klemm, Josh Stiebel, Noah Holland

In fall 2023 National Cyber League (NCL) competition, 44 MTU RedTeam members competed.

Out of 7,930 Individual players across the nation, two RedTeam members ranked in the top 100. Undergraduate Ryan Klemm (Computer Science) placed 5th, the best RedTeam record in the NCL individual games since 2017, when the RedTeam joined the NCL. Undergraduate Noah Holland (Cybersecurity) placed 40th.

In team competition, the RedTeam’s primary competitive team, RedTeam@MTU, was ranked 11th out of 454 teams. RedTeam@MTU team members are Noah Holland, Ryan Klemm, Audrey LaCost (Data Science MS), Andrew Martin (Cybersecurity MS), Thad Sander (Cybersecurity BS), Josh Stiebel (Computer Science BS), and Gary Tropp (Cybersecurity MS).

RedTeam participation in the fall 2023 NCL competitions was sponsored by the Institute of Computing and Cybersystems’s (ICC) Center for Cybersecurity (CyberS).

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The NCL’s mission is to prepare the next generation of cybersecurity professionals by providing high school and college students, as well as their coaches, an online, safe platform of real-world cybersecurity challenges.