Month: February 2022

ESC Fall 2021 Student Research Grant Awards

The Ecosystem Science Center would like to announce the following Fall 2021 Student Research Grants recipients:

  • Reed Arneson (Advisor Yinan Yuan (CFRES)) Project: Introducing An Artificial Sense-Antisense Reporter System to Arabidopsis thalinana
  • Jenna Brewer (Advisors Jared Wolfe (CFRES) & Kristin Brzeski (CFRES)) Project: Northern cardinal’s range exapansion as aresult of supplementary feeding
  • Nathan Coleman (Advisor John Vucetich (CFRES))  Project: Lethal vs Non-Lethal? Comparing the cost of wolf-livestock conflict mitigation methods in an area of non-lethal mitigation and an area of lethal mitigation in Idaho
  • Tiff Degroot (Advisor Kristin Brzeski (CFRES)) Project: Using environmentally-derived DNA to compare mammal community composition in tropical lowland forests
  • Maria Ferrer (Advisors  Jared Wolfe (CFRES) & Kristin Brzeski (CFRES)) Project: Forest structure and arthropod prey influence on mercury contamination in the terrestrial insectivorous bird, Carolina Wren (Thryothorus ludovicianus)
  • Chris Hohnholt (Advisor Chris Webster (CFRES)) Project: Efficacy comparison of two herbicides with different sites of action to control glossy buckthorn (Frangula alnus)
  • Melanie Ottino (Advisors Kristin Brzeski (CFRES), Carsten Kulheim (CFRES) & Chris Webster (CFRES)) Project: Development of noninvasive fecal metabarcoding methodology for generalist herbivore in Upper Peninsula
  • Emma Shedd (Advisors Molly Cavaleri(CFRES) & Andrew Burton (CFRES)) Project: Root respiration acclimation in quercus rubra along a Midwest temperature gradient
  • Zachary Solomon (Advisors Nancy Langston (SS)) Project: Can carbon offsets protect forests resources in the Keweenaw County?

Congratulations to everyone and good luck with your projects!