ESC Student Research Grant Awards for Spring 2022

The Ecosystem Science Center awarded a total of $13,945 to 15 students to conduct research.  ESC congratulates the following recipients:

  • Swapan Chakrabarty, CFRES, Advisor: Carsten Külheim,  for the project: “Genomic adaptation of two oak species in drought condition.”
  • Ellie Connett, BIO, Advisor Amy Marcarelli, for the project: “Heavy Metal Transfers by Aquatic Prey to Riparian Spiders in the Keweenaw Waterway.”
  • Natalie Howard, CFRES, Advisor: Carsten Külheim, for the project: “Variance Components and Phenotypic Plasticity of Northern Red Oak (Quercus rubra) in a Replicated Common Garden Experiment.”
  • Michelle Kelly, BIO, Advisor: Amy Marcarelli, for the project: “Quantifying whole-stream denitrification and nitrogen fixation with integrated modeling of N2 and O2 fluxes.”
  • Sam Kurkowski, CFRES, Advisor Rod Chimner, for the project: “Mapping, Identification, and Conservation of Vernal Pool Characteristics at Voyagers National Parks in the Great Lakes Region.”
  • Shelby Lane-Clark, CFRES, Advisor: Tara Bal, for the project: “Bioturbation by Non-native Earthworms as a Potential Catalyst for Changes in Maple Sap Composition in Northern Hardwood Forests in the Great Lakes Region.”
  • John McCall, BIO, Advisors: Gord Paterson & Kristin Brzeski, for the project: “Quantifying the genetic contributions of Buffalo Reef spawned fishes to Lake Superior fisheries.”
  • Hailee Petosky, BIO, Advisor: Erika Hersch-Green, for the project: “Determining whether nutrient enrichments and plant genome size influences biodiversity patterns of insect communities.”
  • Peng Quan, CFRES, Advisor: Xinfeng Xie, for the project: “Desulfurization of Kraft Lignin Using Hydrogen Peroxide.”
  • Ryne Rutherford, CFRES, Advisor: David Flaspohler, for the project: “Ecological and anthropogenic factors associated with the occurrence of southern disjunct fauna isolated in warm refugia.”
  • Kath Schneider, CFRES, Advisors: Tara Bal & Kristin Brzeski, for the project: “Examining Silviculture Impacts on Coleopteran Diets (Families Silphidae and Carabidae).”
  • Abraham Stone, BIO, Advisor Sigrid Resh & Tara Bal,  for the project: “Developing and Measuring Deployment of a Natural Myco-Biological Control In a More Liquid Medium.”
  • Tessa Tormonen, BIO, Advisor: Kristin Brzeski, for the project: “Using DNA Metabarcoding to Evaluate Resource Partitioning Among Two Sympatric Tilefish.”
  • Jasmine Terry-Shindelman, CFRES, Advisor: Sarah Hoy, for the project: “Can near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy be used as a rapid and cost-effective method of monitoring plant secondary metabolite profiles of Balsam fir.”
  • Joanna Walitalo, CFRES, Advisor: Molly Cavaleri, for the project: “Comparing Wood Species and Wood Preparation for Use in Pyrography.”