Ron Sadler – 1957

Congratulations to the Class of 1961 on their 50th anniversary!

Many of the class members followed the trail first blazed by the Class of ’57 to work for the Bureau of Land Management in Western Oregon.  There may have been others, but the ones I’m personally familiar with include Leon Kabat, Elaine Mosher, Sarge Preston, Fred Pastori, and George Walimaa.

I spent 11 years as the BLM’s Chief of Forestry Planning.  During that time, it was my extreme good fortune to have Sarge Preston as my right-hand man.  Sarge was in charge of the forest inventory program including all aspects from field work to data analysis.  He made thousands of analytical allowable cut runs during this era when it required feeding a computer large boxes of punch cards.

The Class of ’61 provided yet another example of how well the training and professionalism received at da Tech transfered to the Douglas-fir forests of Oregon.

Ron Sadler