Sean Sobaski – 2010

Sean Sobaski has accepted a position as a a procurement forester with PCA (Packaging Corp of America) in Manistee, Michigan.

Sean says, “As a procurement forester at PCA we run a base mix of chips that consist of 70% aspen and 30% hardwood mix.” Sean also comment that because PCA is SFI and SAF accredited and audited, the jobs has witnessed lay rest to his fears that pulp mills take everything and leave nothing. “Most jobs I have been part of consist of TSI treatments, and result in a pristine harvest with reseeding of skid trails and landings after the harvest is complete,” he says.

Sean also praised his education saying, “Its hard to see the knowledge that is needed in this profession when you are attending school, but it’s very rewarding as a forester stick out above the crowd and receive a job such as this!”