Day: March 7, 2012

Sara Claypoole – 2002

Sara Claypoole visited campus and the School from Pottstown , Pennsylvania during winter carnival. After graduating from Michigan Tech in Applied Ecology and Environmental Sciences, she went on to the University of Charleston. Sara says, “I’m a pharmacist with CVS Pharmacy and a proud owner of 10 acres of woods. In my spare time, I’ll be taking care of the woodlands.” She is planning for her first harvest in 2013.

Ken Maki – 1963

Ken Maki and Bob Richards
Ken Maki and Bob Richards

Ken Maki was spotted in his hometown of Hayward, Wisconsin recently. Hayward is the home of the American Birkenbeiner. Ken was volunteering with the Chamber of Commerce which was hosting visitor events. Ken spotted a group from Michigan Tech in their Hockey Husky jerseys and welcomed them to Hayward.

Ken is pictured here with fellow Michigan Tech graduate Bob Richards (Biology 77) from Houghton, Michigan.

Ken skied the full American Birkenbeiner (54 kilometers … that’s over 33.5 miles) the next day in 5 hours and 40 minutes. Congratulations, Ken!