Day: February 17, 2023

January 2023 Photo Contest

Starting 2023, CFRES is holding a photo contest. These photos are from students (undergraduate or graduate). If you’re a student and you’d like to submit images, here are the following guidelines:

  • Any undergraduate or graduate student can submit a photo
  • Photos of students in class, in labs are welcome as well as other subjects
  • Photos should be taken during the month in which the contest is being run
  • Each student can submit no more than 3 photos per month
  • Photos taken within the Keweenaw region are preferred
  • By submitting your photos, you agree to allow CFRES to reproduce them (with attribution) in future web or print materials
  • Email Sarah Atkinson ( up to three photos per student per month by the end of the month.

The winner for January was Sam Kurkowski, a graduate student here. The winning image can be seen below.

A person riding on a mountain bike on the lake coast.
Winner of the January 2023 photo contest, taken by Sam Kurkowski

Here are the other photos that students submitted, in no particular order. Thanks to everyone who participated!