ACSHF Forum Is October 11

The Department of Cognitive and Learning Sciences will host speaker Stefka Hristova, associate professor of digital media in MTU’s Department of Humanities, for the next Applied Cognitive Science and Human Factors (ACSHF) Forum.

Hristova’s presentation, titled “Emptied Faces: In Search For An Algorithmic Punctum,” will be held from 2-3 p.m. on Monday (Oct. 11).

Attendance is invited both in person in the Harold Meese Center (Meese), Room 109, and virtually via Zoom.

This talk explores the ways in which human faces have become reconfigured in the context of algorithmic culture. More specifically, it details the decomposition of the face in the context of big data and machine learning algorithms and its two subsequent distinct rearticulations: one linked to predictive algorithms and the other linked to the generation of deep fake portraits.

by Cognitive and Learning Sciences