Susanta Ghosh, Kevin Trewartha Receive Pandemic Impact Mitigation Grants

by Associate Vice President for Research Development

ICC members Sustanta Ghosh (ME-EM, ICC-DataS) and Kevin Trewartha (KIP, ICC-HCC) are among the recipients of funding to help mitigate financial losses to research, creative, and scholarly work associated with the pandemic.

Awarded by the VPR office, the funding is intended to help mitigate financial losses to research, creative and scholarly work associated with the pandemic. Many individuals experienced significant negative impacts and applied for the funds. Unfortunately, we were unable to fund them all.

The ADVANCE Initiative, Provost’s Office, Office of the Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion, Vice President for Research Office, and University Marketing and Communications have been working together over the past year to identify and begin to mitigate some of the ways that scholars, creators and researchers have been negatively impacted by the pandemic. This collaboration resulted in a session to learn specific impacts and discuss solutions.

One of the primary results of this joint work is the individual COVID impact statement faculty are requested to develop. This group has also solicited and published an ongoing Unscripted research blog series where Tech employees share how the pandemic impacted their work.

The following individuals were selected to receive one of these grants:

  • Kristin Brzeski (CFRES)
  • Andrew Burton (CFRES)
  • Tarun Dam (Chem)
  • Carolyn Duncan (KIP)
  • Susanta Ghosh (ME-EM)
  • Evan Kane (CFRES)
  • Carsten Kulheim (CFRES)
  • Claudio Mazzoleni (Physics)
  • Trisha Sain (ME-EM)
  • Zhiying Shan (KIP)
  • Xiaoqing Tang (BioSci)
  • Kevin Trewartha (KIP)