Research Excellence Funds (REF) Awardees Announced

The Vice President for Research Office has announced the Fall 2021 Research Excellence Funds (REF) awards. Congratulations to all the principal investigators! Thanks to the individual REF reviewers and the REF review panelists, as well as the deans and department chairs, for their time spent on this important internal research award process. Proposals for the spring 2022 semester are due March 3, 2022.

Among the winning PIs are ICC members Susanta Ghosh (ME-EM/MuSTI/ICC), Sangyoon Han (BioMed/HRI/ICC), Hoda Hatoum (BioMed/HRI/ICC), and Sidike Paheding (AC/ICC). All of the grant recipients appear below.

Scholarship and Creativity Grants

  • Adam Meckler (VPA)

Research Seed Grants

  • Parisa Abadi (ME-EM/MuSTI)
  • Susanta Ghosh (ME-EM/MuSTI)
  • Roger Guillory (BioMed)
  • Sangyoon Han (BioMed/HRI/ICC)
  • Hoda Hatoum (BioMed/HRI)
  • Sidike Paheding (AC/ICC)
  • Jared Wolfe (CFRES/ESC)