HCC Speaker Series: Jason Engerman, Manjuli Gupta to Present Lecture March 16, 2 pm

Dr. Jason A. Engerman, assistant professor in the Digital Technologies department at East Stroudsburg University, East Stroudsburg, PA, along with Ms. Manjuli Gupta, a graduate student studying Professional and Secondary Education at East Stroudsburg University, will present a virtual lecture Wednesday, March 16, 2022, at 2:00 p.m. via online Zoom meeting. They will discuss the results of a research project exploring technologically-advanced living-learning spaces for enhanced educational growth. The talk is sponsored by the Institute of Computing and Cybersystems (ICC) and the ICC’s Human-Centered Computing (HCC) research group.

Talk Title: “ESportU’s Digital Warrior Camp’s Culturally Relevant Computing Living Learning Community: Impacting Learner Attitudes, Awareness, and Motivation Towards STEM Careers”

Talk Abstract: Today’s increasing emphasis on technology requires technologically-advanced living-learning spaces for enhanced educational growth (Engerman, Raish & Carr-Chellman, 2019). Our Culturally Relevant Computing (CRC) living-learning community (LLC) camp, funded by the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Innovative Technology Experiences for Student and Teachers program, leveraged Esports within a modern CRC learning ecosystem for STEM development. Our presentation will discuss the problem scope, strategy and outcomes of the study and subsequently explain best practices that could inform the use of advanced computing technology efforts in the classroom. Through an adolescent youth sleep-away camp this study focused on three key aspects of CRC frameworks: social connectivity, cultural asset building, and self-reflection. Our strategy was to develop an Overwatch-themed Digital Warrior Camp (DWC) where diverse and inclusive youth lived, worked and played in a socio-culturally connected environment. Student outcomes included assets produced through digital artifacts utilizing game design, computer graphics, video production and digital media marketing. Additionally, we will share participants’ self-reflection on their experiences revealing attitudes, awareness and motivations. The project facilitated the conditions and tools necessary to build a sustainable instructional model for modern learners through student-centered STEM learning. DWC allowed diverse and inclusive youth to engage in workshops utilizing industry-grade technologies and training. Specifically, our camp revealed the impacts of a collaborative and competitive Esports instruction model on student’s perspectives towards STEM career development.

Speaker Bio: Dr. Engerman is an assistant professor within the Digital Technologies Department at East Stroudsburg University where he teaches courses in Digital Media Technologies, emphasizing sports, entertainment, executive coaching and digital media technology for underrepresented populations. He earned a Ph.D. in Learning, Design, and Technology from The Pennsylvania State University, focusing on intersection of underrepresented populations and their sociocultural uses of interactive digital media (such as video games) within native learning ecologies. Dr. Engerman is the PI for a National Science Foundation Innovative Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers Award to leverage Esports as a STEM career development tool for at risk youth.

Speaker Bio: Manjuli Gupta is a graduate student at East Stroudsburg University pursuing a career in Professional and Secondary Education. After receiving her B.S. in Chemistry from Drexel University, she worked in R&D in the Chemical industry for 7 years. As the Graduate Research Assistant of ESU’s Creative Media Factory Team, Manjuli is exploring the enhancement of education towards STEM career readiness through Esports’ engaging, culturally relevant environments. Manjuli’s interests in this field will shape her future classroom ensuring an equitable learning space tailored for diverse learners. Outside of academics, she enjoys traveling and sports including volleyball, tennis, and rock climbing.