Computing [MTU] Showcases Student and Faculty Research

Computing[MTU] Showcase

By Thomas Fournier, ABC-10 Television. Published April 5, 2022. Read the original article.

HOUGHTON – You’ve heard of CES, SXSW, Black Hat USA and now Computing [MTU]. Last night kicked off the Institute of Computing and Cyber Systems’ three day show case, that focuses on the research and developments made by students and faculty at the university. There are various seminars and displays taking place today on campus. The core to Computing [MTU] is evolution in both technology and student’s skills.

eah I think that in the entrepreneur space that line of, what’s your degree in, is blurred eve more. Because your start-up, the success of your start-up doesn’t really care what your degree is, right? This guy, in our space right now. Aeronautical engineer from the U.S. Naval Academy. The guy’s a total rock-star. His work, his company that’s extremely successful. Is doing logistics and supply chain AI mapping. Trying to find the most optimal route for the supply chain. It doesn’t care that he’s an aerospace engineer, right?” – Eric Roberts, Executive Director 20 Fathoms, Computing [MTU] Panelist

Computer technology and entrepreneurship have gone hand in hand for many years. And the next Apple or Microsoft will likely come out of showcases such as michigan tech’s. Seminars and panel discussions taking place tonight and tomorrow are at the Memorial Union Building and the Rozsa Center. Or tune into the seminars via zoom.

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