ICC Distinguished Lecture: Dr. Joydeep Mitra, Michigan State University

As part of its Distinguished Lecturer Series, the Institute of Computing and Cybersystems will present an on-campus and virtual talk by Dr. Joydeep Mitra, Michigan State University, on October 24, 2022, at 3 p.m., in Rekhi 101.

View a video of the lecture here.

Dr. Mitra directs the Power System program at Michigan State. He teaches power systems courses, conducts research on energy assurance, and supervises graduate students engaged in this research. He is an MSU Foundation Endowed Chair.

Mitra also works with the Institute of Public Utilities on educating regulators and policy makers in matters related to the electric grid. For information about his research group, visit the ERiSe Lab webpage.

Talk Abstract: Since the beginning of this century, we have witnessed an acceleration in the adoption of renewable energy resources and technologies. The bulk of today’s investments in renewable generation is going into wind and solar. Both these resources pose certain operational challenges, some of which can be mitigated by using energy storage systems. This talk will present the most significant factors affecting energy assurance in the presence of renewable generation, and discuss use of energy storage to mitigate challenges resulting from variability and low inertia characteristics of wind and solar. The presentation will conclude with a discussion on future directions for research on energy assurance.

Presenter Biography: Joydeep Mitra (Ph.D., FIEEE) is Professor of Electrical Engineering at Michigan State University, East Lansing, Director of the Energy Reliability & Security (ERiSe) Laboratory, and Senior Faculty Associate at the Institute of Public Utilities. Prof. Mitra is known for his contributions to power system reliability analysis and reliability-based planning. He has over 200 publications and patents in the power systems area; he is co-author of the book, “Electric Power Grid Reliability Evaluation: Models and Methods,” and of IEEE Standard 762, a standard on reliability reporting. He is recipient of the 2019 IEEE-PES Roy Billinton Power System Reliability Award and the 2020 PMAPS Merit Award. Prof. Mitra serves as Chair of the IEEE-PES Fellow Evaluation Committee and as an Associate Editor for the IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications. In the past he has served as Chair of the IEEE-PES Analytic Methods for Power Systems Committee, Chair of several IEEE-PES Subcommittees, and as an Editor for the IEEE Transactions on Power Systems and Power Engineering Letters, and for the IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid. Prof. Mitra is a Fellow of the IEEE and an IEEE-PES Distinguished Lecturer.