October 2023 ICC Activity

ICC Activity for October:

New Awards

Vinh Nguyen was awarded $248,000 from GIT and the Department of Energy for “Improving the Curing Efficiency for Composite Aerostructures Through Multi-Task Optimization of a Physics-informed Multiple Neural Network Framework”, a two year project starting on January 1, 2024.

Keith Vertanen received $78,357 from the Oregon Health and Science University and the National Institutes of Health for his project entitled “Optimizing BCI-FIT: Brain Computer Interface – Functional Implementation Toolkit.” This project is expected to span until June 2024.

Dan Fuhrmann was funded $70,000 for his project “Smart Meter-Driven Distribution Grid Visibility and Control” by the Power Systems Engineering Research Center at UW-Madison. This project ends in August 2024.

Weihua Zhou received a continuation to his project “Trans-Omics integration of multi-omics studies for male osteoporosis” from the University of Tulane for $48,143.

Proposal Activity

ICC Members submitted 14 proposals for awards in October, which total just over $10 million in proposed project funding. An additional 4 proposals were submitted for the Fall 2023 round of GLRC/ICC Rapid Seedling Awards, as the submission window ended on October 31st.

New Hire

Evan Lucas joins the ICC as a Research Scientist. View more information on that here in a separate blog post.

Art in Silico

Planning for Art in Silico 2024 is in full swing. Visit the website periodically or follow the ICC’s social media channels for updates to schedules, submissions, and other general information.

Website Updates

Updated information is available on the ICC website for those interested, including member publications, active research projects, and research highlights.