AppsAnywhere is available for personal devices

The cloud-based software delivery platform, formerly only available in Windows computer labs on campus, is now available on personal devices for students, faculty, and staff.

New for Fall 2022, AppsAnywhere is available for personal and MTU-owned Windows devices. The applications available are determined by factors such as licensing, department, enrolled courses, whether the device is owned by Michigan Tech or is a personal device, and whether the computer is on or off campus when AppsAnywhere is launched.

For personal devices: Students, faculty and staff will be able to download the AppsAnywhere client from the Software Distribution Site.

For MTU-owned devices: For faculty and staff wishing to install on an MTU-owned device, the download method will depend on how the device is managed:

  • Fully managed devices — AppsAnywhere will be available in the Windows Software Center.
  • Minimally managed machines — AppsAnywhere will be available in the Azure Company Portal. Laptops not currently managed by Azure will need to be rebuilt in order to install AppsAnywhere. If this applies to you, we recommend that you make arrangements with our shop in advance so that you can install AppsAnywhere.

Learn more about device management at Managed Devices at Michigan Tech.

If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment to have your laptop rebuilt, we can help. You can directly request a computer rebuild through our service catalog, or contact IT at or 906-487-1111.