Month: April 2021

Looking for Undergraduate Research?

If you’re are looking for undergraduate research opportunities this file lists areas of faculty expertise to identify possible common interests.

If you identify a ME-EM faculty member that you may want to work with, contact them directly to discuss.

If you identify a possible project with a ME-EM faculty member, please complete this form (instructions on pg. 2).  Typically, this form is for upper-level students to take 1-3 credits of MEEM 4990 in a semester.  If the MEEM 4990 credits are approved as such, they can be used for technical elective credits.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I register on BanWeb and what if I think I need a waiver?
  2. Joining an Enterprise
  3. When and how can I add/drop classes?  What is a ‘W’ grade?
  4. How to change your major or add a major/minor and/or concentration.
  5. Transferring credits from elsewhere
  6. Repeating a Course
  7. Academic Probation & Suspension
  8. I am feeling stressed. What can I do? (And Study Tips)
  9. Contacts for Filled Sections – By Department
  10. ME versus MET
  11. Study Abroad
  12. ROTC Academic Plans (AF Form 48, AR Form 104R)
  13. Co-op credits
  14. What if I have less than 12 credits for my last semester?
  15. Thinking of graduate school?
  16. Looking for Undergraduate Research?
  17. Am I ready to take Senior Capstone Design (MEEM4901/4911 or ENT4950/60)? How are MEEM 4901/4911 projects defined?
  18. Preparing for Graduation & DARS FAQs
  19. Should I take the FE Exam?  When?  How?