Being a Life – Long Student

Thursday February 2, 2012 4:00-5:00 p.m.
ME-EM building, Room 112

Eds Zentner
Society benefits when we treat life as a continuous learning experience.  Individuals who are the leaders in any profession or aspect of life continually learn in support of their vision and desired goals.  At the root of continuous and intentional learning as a means to achievement is the concept of “Define-Learn-Do”.  Learning is an active process anddoesn’t stop once formal engineering education ends.  Developing a plan for a self-directed educationonce your formal education is completed allows you to truly differentiate yourselfamongst your competition in any field of  endeavor.  You will  have a difficult timeleading others if you don’t learn to lead yourself.  Principles of leadership and peopleskills are timeless, regardless of where they get applied.  They never get outdated as is often the case with technology.  Growing your people skills, recognizing the underlying servant nature of leadership and forming superior habits, reduces stress and conflict bycreating a more balance life.  Ultimately everyone who continues to grow and improve will excel.

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