Day: October 4, 2016

Spring and Summer 2017 Registration

Initial Spring and Summer 2017 registration will begin on Sunday, October 23 and run through Sunday, November 6. There will then be a short blackout period and registration will re-open until the end of the first week of the spring semester. Summer registration will remain open until summer classes begin.

The Priority Schedule is available on the Registrar’s homepage:

Priority is based on the number of credits earned at the time of registration. BanWeb shows you when your registration time begins. Once your online registration becomes available on BanWeb, you may continue to make registration changes through the rest of the priority schedule and until the first week of the spring semester.

The time listed for transfer students on the schedule refers to new incoming Spring or Summer 2017 transfer students only. All other students (including Fall 2016 transfer students or prior) will follow the priority based on earned credit hours.