CN, Alumni, and Friends Scholarship Winners Spring 2024

Ryan Miller

Ryan Michael Miller

I’m a second year Construction Management major taking the Railroad Transportation Minor. I was elected to be the Railroad Engineering and Activities Club Treasurer for the 2024 semesters. I’ve always been fascinated with transportation but I recently got involved with the railroads through my internship this past summer and discovered I absolutely love the industry, driving my decision to make rail transportation my focus throughout my career. Receiving this scholarship will greatly help me to achieve my goals of graduating with a Construction Management degree with a Rail Minor.

Brendan Tanner

Brendan Nathaniel Tanner

I’m Brendan Tanner, a civil engineering major with a focus on structures and a minor in railroad transportation. Prior to coming to Michigan Tech, I worked as an engineering student for the Michigan Department of Transportation’s Office of Rail for 2.5 years, which prepared me for my role as Vice President of REAC and allowed me to share my knowledge and passion for the rail industry with my fellow huskies. This scholarship means that I can continue to focus on promoting and educating others about the rail industry through REAC.

Abigail Smith

Abigail Rose Smith

Major: Mechanical Engineering
REAC Involvement: Since being at tech I have served as President, Vice President, and Marketing Officer of the REAC club and have had the privilege of attending two AREMA conferences.

“Since getting the freshman year scholarship, and being in our AREMA student chapter all four years of college, I have had the chance to seriously develop my leadership skills, network with our alumni, and take courses pertaining to rail. The Rail Transportation Program has really given me a great circle of folks these last few years and I am thankful for all the opportunities it has given me.”

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